Futari PPC


Futari PPC was founded at 1996. Futari PPC is a supplier of OEM, analog and remanufactured laser and inkjet printer cartridges in Estonia. Our service centre and shop are located in Tartu at Raekoja 13. Recently we have opened an e-shop and are hoping to expand our business in the field of office equipment sale and service.

We are selling new printers and copiers, 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 mfp-products and other office machinery. We offer quality printer service and repair and we are refilling laser toner cartridges.  Also, we are the supplier of components for laser printers and laser cartridges in addition to components and spare parts for copiers. In addition we are selling high quality print, copy and photo papers, service consumables and other office products.

Futari PPC was founded in 1996 and our personnel has got significant experience and skills in the field. We are selling goods and services mostly in the local market of Estonia. We have constantly expanded our line of imaging supplies. We offer quality products at competitive prices to our customers. We have good co-operation with warehouses in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and other Europe countries. We thank all our partners to be supportive and we are looking forward to make our teamwork even better.

Futari PPC Ltd

Address: Vabaduse avenue 2 - 18, 51004, Tartu, Estonia

Shop: Mon - Fri 9 - 17 (entrance from Raekoja 13)

Home page: www.futari.ee

E-shop: www.futari.ee/pood

E-mail: futari@futari.ee

Phone 1: +372 744 1213

Phone 2: +372 744 1100

Register code: 10023479

VAT no: EE100032525